About Us

Hailing from London, Reckless Jacks is a solo music project on the cusp of
making huge waves in the local music scene. Over time, he managed to
solidify his reputation as an exciting act with a unique background. Matt, the
main songwriter behind the project, is a true citizen of the world. He was
born in San Francisco, California, but spent his teenage years in Paris. Today,
he is based in the United Kingdom, where he is pursuing his music.

Originally conceived as a band with the help of producers Jim Lowe
(Stereophonics) & Julian Kindred (Elie Goulding), Reckless Jacks evolved
into Matt’s solo project through the years. This multi-instrumentalist, singer
and songwriter has a life-long passion for crafting beautiful melodies. He
knows the value of memorable hooks and loves to build his songs from the
grounds up. Matt is inspired by artists as diverse as PVRIS, Imagine Dragons,
X Ambassadors, as well as Zayde Wolf, only to mention but a few.

Working now in collaboration with pop/ electronic producer Bob Matthews
(Alpines), the sound of Reckless Jacks’ songs is modern and unflinching.
There is a warm old-school influence, which brings a very authentic touch to
the artist’s work. One of the most distinctive elements of the project is Matt’s
raw and emotional vocal style. His tone is upfront and unapologetic, bringing
so much energy to the mix. However, he is never compromising in terms of
emotional intensity and integrity. His guitar tones are also memorable, with
iconic riffs, lush textures, and inventive effects. These nuances bring a very
special dimension to Reckless Jacks’ music, adding to the uniqueness of the
sound. The song lyrics match Matt’s personable approach. His tunes often
deal with relatable themes in ways that the audience can quickly identify with
the music and the feelings behind the songs.

One of the most exciting elements of his music is definitely the fact that Matt
set out to perform his songs with a lot of passion and laser focus on every
moment of the experience. From introspective musical musings to larger-
than-life arrangements and inspiring melodies, anything goes. Matt is not the
type of artist who is easily constrained by categories and genre definitions.

His sound is free from these sorts of restrictions, aiming for something
earnest and genuine. Rather than following the canons of various music
genres, Matt aims to carve his own path and lead the way.
From the unique mix of great lyrics and engaging grooves, down to the
immediacy of the hooks, Matt knows where he wants to go with his music.
Ready for the new solo adventure, but still rooted in the legacy of the
project’s past as a band, Reckless Jacks is all about releasing quality music.
Matt hopes to keep inspiring people and connect with the audience on a
deeper level.